5 Most Effective Tips to Become a Python Developer admin October 5, 2023

5 Most Effective Tips to Become a Python Developer


The most popular programming languages of present time is Python and there are several reasons behind its growing popularity. One it’s a simple language, and second it allows readable code. The programs developed on Python can run on major operating systems like Windows, iOS and Linux.

There are several other reasons why Python is used by top most companies for back end services:

  • Python is less complex as compared to Ruby
  • It is more dynamic in nature than Java
  • The programming language works well with machine learning projects
  • Its development cost is low

Python’s advantageous features have boosted the demand for Python developers. Furthermore, as it allows data analysis along with machine learning with backend development, the salaries of Python developers are on an all time high.

However, owing to stiff competition in the IT industry, developers need to have an edge to improve their marketability. The best option for them is to undergo a comprehensive training program to master the programming language. Learn more about Python Development training program.

In this blog, we have thrown light on some tips which might help Python developers better their career prospects.

What is the role of Python developers in the software development domain?

Python developers play an important role in the software development team as they create, design and deliver programs in this general purpose programming language. They also help in identifying and debugging which is a crucial part of any development project.

They are a part of numerous tasks in the project like web development, data examination, writing server side web applications, web frameworks for new codes etc. In short they are the key creators of any Python project.

Key Skill Requirements of a Python Developer

The following skills are essential to become a python developer:

  • Python Sound know-how
  • Thorough understanding of Web Frameworks
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Understanding of Multi-Process Architecture
  • Front-end development expertise
Areas Where Python is Used Extensively

When it comes to building an application or analyzing data, Python comes across as the most preferred choice as it is an extensive programming language. There are several areas like web development, data analysis, machine learning, software development, task automation etc. where Python use is growing.

Let’s have a look at how Python is used in these distinct areas:

  1. Web Development :

    Web development involves front end and back end development as well as APIs. Python plays a major role working as a server building the back end of a website. With its vast collection of frameworks and libraries, building applications is quite easy.

  2. Data Analysis :

    The process of gathering data and analysing it to extract relevant insights has become a requisite for any modern business. Python is useful here as it has an impressive collection of modules specially designed for analyzing data. 

    The most commonly used Python libraries for running data analysis are Pandas and NumPy. These tools can be used to clean data as well as explore statistics or trends in your data. Several other data related tasks like data visualization; hypothesis testing or web scraping can be carried out using Python.

  3. Machine Learning :

    Data science tasks are incomplete without machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) aids learning pattern and trends to make predictions on data. Machine learning techniques can help in creating models that are well equipped to predict a variety of tasks.

    Python can help in building ML models using just a few lines of code, although there are complex processes behind those codes. Python libraries like scirit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow and PyTorch facilitate this smooth operation.

  4. Software Development :

    Python is an integral part of each stage of software development like prototyping, build control, bug tracking, maintenance etc. The robust programming language helps in creating simple as well as advanced multi-protocol applications, including those involving complicated numeric calculations.

    Building APIs, GUIs, audio or video programs based on AI or ML techniques or any other type of software development is possible with Python.

  5. Task Automation/ Scripting :
    Python is an ideal tool for writing programs that automate repetitive tasks. Python automation can be used to do a variety of tasks that would consume a lot of time if done manually. Using Python scripts, lengthy processes can be completed quickly without any errors. This saves a lot of time and effort as well.
Here are the 5 Most Effective Tips to Become a Python Developer

Tip #1: Start Building Your GitHub Repository

The most powerful tool that helps in showcasing your work is your GitHub Repository. When applying for a position as a Python developer it can serve as your resume. Recruiters can directly check it out on the developer platform without you sending samples of your work which is convenient.

Keep adding your Python projects to your GitHub repository no matter how simple the code is. Remember that every single work of yours counts in getting selected by prospective companies.

Tip #2: Focus on Writing Readable Code

Make sure to write code which is easy to read and understand. As recruiters check your code on GitHub, they need to fully understand what you have written. Badly written code may backfire against you, so focus on this area the most.

There are certain guidelines to follow like PEP & style guidelines, which can help in writing readable code. Here are a few of the recommendations:

  • Indentation
  • Maximum line length
  • Line breaks
  • Blank lines
  • Tabs and spaces
  • String quotes
  • Trailing commas
  • Source file encoding
  • Naming conventions
  • White spaces in expressions
  • Recommendations

Tip#3: Enhance Your Python Skill set

The most crucial part of the learning process is improving your skill set in order to stay competitive. Keep reading books on Python development and learn how to work with Python libraries. You can improve significantly by mastering a few.

Next is creating projects based on your learning’s, and adding them to GitHub for others to view. This practice helps in enhancing your knowledge as well as improving your GitHub repository. Start using this for maximum benefits.

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Tip#4: Know How Different APIs and Frameworks Work

Learning about how APIs work is important as it helps you in integrating your code with other websites or applications. Similarly, frameworks have pre-built functionalities that can be used immediately.

Tip#5: Maintain Proper Documentation

Proper documentation is important as it helps in improving code readability. A README file should always be included within your GitHub repository. The file should contain all important information of your project.

Also keep in mind to take freelance projects to improve your skills, no matter how much they pay. There are several freelance websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. where you can find work which adds up to your GitHub repository. Additionally, keep making contributions to open source Python projects like Chatistics, Pipenv, Py2bpf etc. which further helps in developing your skills.

Last but not the least, keep practising everyday to learn new things and keep improving.

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