Learn Shopify at Shiv Tech Institute to Skyrocket your career growth. admin December 13, 2023

Learn Shopify at Shiv Tech Institute to Skyrocket your career growth.

Learn Shopify at Shiv Tech Institute to Skyrocket your career growth

Shopify has rightfully emerged as the most popular eCommerce platform throughout the world. The number of e-commerce stores powered by Shopify tripled globally during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, Shopify had a gross merchandise volume of $197.2 billion. Over 175 countries worldwide use Shopify, and over 4.6 million eCommerce sites are powered by Shopify. As of January 2022, the US has the highest number of Shopify stores, followed by the UK, Australia, and Canada.

The ease of use and flexibility have made Shopify an excellent platform for e-commerce stores. If you wish to enter the eCommerce market and develop your career as a Shopify expert, here is all you need to know.

Why Learn Shopify to Kickstart Your Career?
Why Learn Shopify to Kickstart Your Career

Learning Shopify app development can be a game-changer if you want to excel in technology. The limitless opportunities within the Shopify ecosystem, increasing Shopify developer demands, and constant learning are some of the top benefits of choosing Shopify app development as a career option.

Here are some of the primary reasons for learning Shopify:

    High Demand for Shopify Developers

    With big brands relying on Shopify to fuel their growth and online stores, it is understandable that this platform is here to stay. Millions of businesses hire Shopify app developers to create custom apps with engaging user experiences to capture their target audience and mark a position in the industry.

    Expanding Your Skill Set

    If you want to excel in the rewarding web development field, adding Shopify to your skill set will improve your career prospects. It will showcase your versatility as a web developer and allow you to work with the leading eCommerce brands. When you are proficient in the intricacies of the development ecosystem, plugins, and APIs, you can apply them to other similar technologies or platforms.

    Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    If you want to establish your brand or apps in the future, Shopify app development can be a great choice. By creating sought-after, unique apps, you can generate income through partnerships, app sales, or subscriptions. When you have a successful app development portfolio, big eCommerce brands may also approach you to develop their apps independently.


    Job satisfaction comes when you gain credibility and industry recognition for your work. As you develop more successful Shopify apps, you will build credibility as a Shopify expert and get big projects from renowned brands. You may also get invitations for conferences and public speaking.

    Continuous Growth and Learning

    Learning Shopify app development is a continuous process, and you need to stay updated on the best practices, latest APIs, and features. This will hone your web development skills and ensure you are updated on all the technological trends. You will get to explore innovative solutions, experiment with advanced technologies, develop engaging apps, and contribute to the advancement of the web development industry.

    Why Learn Shopify at Shiv Tech Institute
    Why Learn Shopify at Shiv Tech Institute

    Shiv Tech Institute opens many successful career opportunities for students in the rapidly evolving e-commerce sector. When you opt for our Shopify Course in Ahmedabad, you will learn various skills such as managing eCommerce stores, mastering Google Ads and SEO techniques, integrating social media such as Instagram to grow your business, and product photography. Our expert faculty will also train you to design and create your Shopify store, drop shipping, and use Facebook Ads for Acquisition and Retention.

    Expert Faculty

    Discover the keys to scalable and successful e-commerce entrepreneurship through our Shopify courses, powered by experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders with extensive experience in Shopify and eCommerce. You will get professional guidance and hands-on learning experience that will transform your career and lead you toward individual growth and financial success. Each aspect of Shopify and e-commerce development will be taught in the course.

    Hands-on Project Experience

    At Shiv Tech Institute, our professors don’t just stop at imparting conceptual knowledge.

    You will get hands-on experience setting up a Shopify store, managing orders, adding products, and using Shopify’s analytics tools. You will also get practical experience optimizing your Shopify store for SEO and driving more traffic to your traffic.

    This will allow you to work on your project in the future.

    Skill-Based Learning

    You get skill-based learning when you opt for our Shopify Training in Ahmedabad. Our experts will train you to work as a Shopify app developer for your business or other organizations.

    Here are some of the critical features of our Shopify Training:

    • Shopify Store Setup
    • Payment Gateway
    • Integration
    • Product Listing and
    • Management
    • Order Processing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Theme Customization
    • SEO and other Marketing Strategies
    • Analytics and Reporting

    Job-Oriented Training

    Our Shopify Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad are aimed at offering job-oriented training to our students. We offer practical instruction, hands-on projects, and industry-specific knowledge. This is combined with the expert guidance of seasoned eCommerce professionals to equip them with the best app development skills for various eCommerce platforms.

    From creating engaging eCommerce storefronts to eCommerce business management, mastering SEO techniques, and understanding Shopify Analytics and Inventory Management, you will learn all the aspects of Shopify development.

    Limited Students in Each Batch

    Shiv Tech Institute welcomes all passionate students intrigued by technology and eCommerce to join the Shopify course. We lack the prerequisite skills to make it accessible for all, from novices to seasoned professionals. Our industry-specific curriculum, experiential learning, and proficient instructors ensure you get both hands-on and conceptual knowledge. This will prepare you fully for a successful Shopify venture. Also, we take only limited students in each batch to make it more personalized and engaging for our students.

    Key Takeaways

    If you want to start your career as a Shopify expert, getting hands-on experience and complete conceptual knowledge of the platform is essential. At Shiv Tech Institute, we offer a Shopify Course in Ahmedabad that industry experts carry out to train you for a successful career in the eCommerce field.