How to Become a Shopify Developer?[2024 Career Guide] admin October 5, 2023

How to Become a Shopify Developer?[2024 Career Guide]


When we talk about ecommerce hosting platforms, Shopify tops the list, and there are several reasons behind it. It is one of the biggest and fastest growing ecommerce platforms that holds a major chunk of the market share as compared to other platforms like WooCommerce.

This is the sole reason why Shopify developers are much in demand, and those who master it stand a chance for a lucrative career. Online selling has never been easier after Shopify was introduced, as it comprises a host of built-in tools which makes site development seem like breeze.

What’s more, Shopify has several pre-designed themes and templates which can be used or customized according to specific requirements. And, that too without writing complex codes. Interesting isn’t it? That’s the reason many businesses have adopted Shopify for their ecommerce hosting needs.

In spite of Shopify being easy to use, Shopify development services are much sought after, and Shopify developer careers are thriving. It makes sense to step into this domain, and chart a new career path, as the future of Shopify looks promising.

To cut it short, Shopify is advantageous because of its flexibility, and users can build impressive ecommerce stores with minimal coding. However, to add advanced functionalities guidance of experienced Shopify developers is needed.

Shopify provides a wide range of apps, tools and many interesting features that can turn your online store unique. With Shopify developers on board, you can enhance the store to the highest levels which would ensure ultimate user experience that eventually leads to conversions.

Shopify Developer – An Introduction
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Shopify developers are experts who provide a vast range of services associated with Shopify store development. They either provide services as freelancers on ad-hoc basis or are employed by development companies as their in-house team members.

These experts hold adequate knowledge about Shopify web development and some even have the ability to work across a wide range of environments. They are backed in-depth understanding of the Shopify ecosystem and are quick to implement any changes as and when required.

Shopify developers are proficient in the following:

  • SSL certificates and data protection tools
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Analytics tools which also includes reporting
  • Customizing themes and templates
  • Payment gateways and checkout processes
  • Inventory management tools

In order to become an expert Shopify developer, you need to learn frontend development, website and UI design, as well as theme and template creation and customization. Learn more about Shopify development and how training under the right mentor can help you achieve success.

What is the Role of Shopify Developers in E-Commerce Store Development?

Building an impressive and functional Shopify store is impossible without the expertise of Shopify developers. While it is possible to build a Shopify store all by yourself, Shopify developers provide an extra edge to the development which makes your store stand out from the rest.

Here’s what Shopify experts do once they are on board:

  • Understand the store’s UX and UI needs, target audience, what areas need to improve to boost conversion rates
  • Develop and add Shopify apps if required to extend the store’s functionality
  • Customize themes or templates to match the brand
  • Perform auditing tasks from time to time to ensure an error-free run
  • Implement a seamless checkout process and add payment gateway for store transactions
  • Ensure seamless connection between Shopify apps and platform APIs to maximize store performance
Key Steps That Help in Boosting a Shopify Developer’s Career

Whether you are planning to do freelancing or work for an agency, the right knowledge is required to stay ahead. All you need is a basic know-how of frontend and backend tools, including HTML, CSS, Liquid and JavaScript. Also, a strong knowledge of Shopify platform and its workings is needed.

There are a few more steps which can help in developing your career as a Shopify developer.

Step 1: Decide your Scope of Development

The foremost step that you need to take before you plunge into the Shopify development space is deciding on your scope of work. Are you planning to build Shopify websites from ground zero? If yes, then a strong understanding of HTML and CSS would be needed.

Here are two crucial elements of Shopify design which you need to focus on:

Theme Development

Theme development requires a Shopify Partner Account to test themes. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Liquid is also needed along with a basic knowledge of Command Line to proceed.

Shopify App Development

If your interest is towards Shopify app development, you can use any of these programming languages like Ruby, Python, Node JS or PHP to proceed.

Also, a basic knowledge of HTML5 or CSS3, along with a considerable understanding of JavaScript, React and GraphQL API environment makes you an ideal Shopify app development expert.

Step 2: Develop Ideal Qualities

The development space is extremely competitive and requires a lot to stay in the game. Good communication skills are a requisite as you will need to interact with customers and brain storm with your team.

You also have to understand how the ecommerce domain works in order to have clarity in your development process and create trust amongst clients.

Here are a few other important characteristics which you need to develop in order to gain a strong foothold as a Shopify developer:

  • Identifying underlying issues: Shopify like any other ecommerce platform is subject to issues that can go undetected. You need to identify these before they turn into major disasters and resolve them at the earliest.
  • Team spirit: As a Shopify developer you need to work as a team to provide that perfect end product. Getting along with other team members will help in achieving your goals without any hassles.
  • Patience: Being a developer consumes a lot of time and energy. You need to be patient in your approach, especially if you are freelancing, as work is not constant.

Step 3: Study Shopify Developer Resources

As a Shopify developer the more resources you delve into, the more success you are bound to achieve. There is a vast pool of resources in the form of blogs, articles etc. available to help you understand the technology better.

Shopify Guides is one powerful resource destination where you can find a wide range of important material that can help you in the development process.

There are other resources which are useful for Shopify developers, these include:

  • Shopify Community: Shopify community is ideal for taking tips from fellow developers who are a part of the forum. You can stay updated with what’s happening across the Shopify space, and there are chances to even bag a project or two via recommendations in the group.
  • Shopify Partner Academy: The Shopify Partner Academy is a useful resource by Shopify that provides important sources for app development and theme creation.
  • Online courses: Webinars and online courses can enhance developers’ knowledge to a great extent.
  • Social media channels: Official Shopify channels on YouTube and Twitch can help a great deal in providing deep insights on how to make the most out of the latest Shopify features or tools.
  • Shopify Theme kit: This simple tool uploads new Shopify themes to your store.

To expand your knowledge of Shopify, get trained with Shiv Tech Institute that provides a comprehensive course on Shopify development. Once you have access to the best knowledge after training you can apply for the right roles in reputed development companies, and spearhead your career goals.